Manor's Houses

Manor CE Academy's House system was introduced in 2012 with the aim of ensuring that all students are known and cared for as individuals to enable them to make outstanding progress.

The students chose the four House names to be Abbey; King’s; Stuart; and Wentworth. All four have historical links to the academy. Lord Wentworth invited the then King, Charles 1 (House of Stuart) to stay at King’s Manor which is near St Mary’s Abbey. King's Manor was, from 1813 to 1922, home to Manor and it was this historic, city centre building from which the academy first took its name.

Each House has a member of staff appointed as Head of House who has overall responsibility for it. They are supported by a student leadership team which consists of a House Captain, Vice Captains and a number of Specialist Captains.

There are a wide range of House events throughout the year, including collective and form worship tasks, short story and poetry writing competitions, photography, chess, maths, RS, MFL and art competitions and many sporting challenges.

All of which are aimed to help each and every student at Manor CE Academy to ‘live life to the full'.